Marushin M1910 Secret Agent Man by Wege

1x SAM manual (generic for series, not specific for the M1910)
Silencer non-assembled nor functional

Aquired via Twitch from a random post in arnies. Price worked out at 67$NZ including shipping, which is excellent.

                                                        Marushin M1910


This is the Marushin M1910 (with silencer), in case you were un-aware of what this review is about.  It is modeled on the FN-Browning M1910 that fires 9x17mm (.380 ACP) ammunition. This pistol has the notoriety of being the handgun that was used in the assasination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, in Sarajevo, which led to the start of World War 1.  This, however, may not be the reason for Marushin to have made the M1910, but rather something far more innocent... TRANSFORMERS!  Apparently in 1988 there was a Decepticon called Browning... based on the M1910!   Apparently... Take this with a grain of salt though, as some of the information I have read seems to be contradictory.

In Brief (for those who do not want to read a lot of boring words)

Good points                  
Gas efficient                    
Quiet (with silencer)         
Reasonable Accuracy     
Has hop!                         
Low price.                       
Can be used legtimately in re-enactments (WWI and WWII)

Bad points
Small (for my hand)
Shiny- not really for tactical situations
Silencer is non-functional (until modded)
Low Power for a NBB (but hey!  its older than a fair few airsofters!)
Finish seems to attract some sort of ‘bleamish’
Grip safety does not work, it is merely molded.
Kentucky Sights - give me post and notch ala the M1908.

Initial impressions.
Well, my first experiance was via Twitch's photography, which makes this appear to be rather pretty piece, and impressive looking. As you can see from the photographs. (you can see more pics, and a review on the KSC Cz75 here)
It arrived and I was suprised at how small this M1910 is.

G26_M1910_2009HW_USPcM1910 and Marushin Colt DetonicsOverlay of the M1910 onto the KSC USPc
M1910 and Glock 17 back-2-backAn indication of how small the M1910 is to my hand.KSC USPc and M1910 back-2-back

Marushin M1910, by TwitchMarushin M1910, by Twitch
I am impressed to see how close in physical impressions it is to the genuine deal.

I was mentally expecting it to be a bit closer to the M1911A1 in size, which is a bit of an annoyance. Take note of the pictures with the size comparisons above. Even the KSC Glock 26 stands 'taller'.
Of course, the first thing you do(when getting a new gas pistol)  is get out the gas, load up and let rip. I was using initially HFC134a, and probably (on the whole ) will use it too, but for recent times, I have been using ET1000.

A visual impression
A few missing markings, such as the information on the left frame-side and slide. (Proof marks).  (See above pictures). Owing to difference of manufacturing over the years, with changes of markings, I have no idea on what year/model M1910 this replica is based on, as I have seen images with different markings in different areas of the slide and frame as well.  I have also handled an M1910 with more proof marks on the chamber cover too.
-The grip safety is non-existent, and is merely a piece of molded plastic.
-The sights are Kentucky style (image of the sights) and have a weird shape at the far end. It can be annoying to sight in on targets, but you do get a bit used to them. However, it is hard for rapid the acquisition of your target, and its even worse when you have to re-acquire after the initial shot.  Made even worse with the silencer attached, as you have no clear sight picture.  Thankfully, this being airsoft, there is no great issue for this.  The sights on the real gun are the same, but are marginally clearer. I wish that Browning had used the sights from the M1903 – think a slightly smaller sight image/sights of the M1911.
-There is a hopup!  The adjusting hole is located on the top of the slide.

by Twitch  by Twitch
-The body is in two pieces, with the mold-line making the M1910 a couple of vertical moldings. 
-The silencer is made from shiny plastic, which looks ghastly.  Also has a molded seam line running across it, so I will have to carefully sand those away, and then finish the entire thing again in a flat black paint.
-There is no magazine catch present, as the is merely held in by a spring and friction.  Once again, Marushin has done a nice job on the ‘impression’ of a magazine catch, but unfortunately, owing to where the internal gas reservoir is filled from, the catch cannot be made to work, as it would block the valve entrance.  Of course, this would not be an issue if this M1910 were to have it's gas and bbs carried in an insertable magazine.
-10 BB rounds are carried in the stick magazine, and can be whatever weight you prefer, as there is an adjustable hopup. Ejecting the magazine without using all 10 rounds, will cause the unused ones to go free, as the spring of the stick magazine will cause them to be ejected from their enclosure.

How does it fire? - Pop!
This thing in my opinion, is even harder to fire accurately than the KJW mk1 NBB. reason? even though the trigger pull (double action only, btw) is lighter (maybe not by much) than the KJW Mk1, it is a smaller frame, and does not allow one (me at he least) the ability to pull the trigger naturally. The trigger action on this is far stiffer than a real M1910.  Accuracy we will come to in a bit, but on ET1000 gas at about 23deg c (a bit of a guess) the M1910 fires about 240fps. Not much, but better than expected. Similar though, to the USP Compact from KSC :O Now to try the silencer.. Crap..

“Silence in Class”
The silencer came un-assembled and the pictures that you see from Twitch are taken with the silencer held together with some blu-tac.  The silencer is made of 3 components: Shell, Muzzle connecter, Inner barrel.
Teflon scrubber cut to size, Silencer shell, drilled out inner barrel, muzzle-attachment, and the M1910

  With silencer connected, it does change the sound of the ‘report’ a bit. I was not happy with the sound, however, so I worked on making it quieter. Firstly I drilled various holes in the inner tube to try to capture the expanding gas and the sound from the muzzle.  With 134a it is ok, but the sound changes are more noticeable when using ET1000 without silencer and with silencer, so for the (sound) checks I used ET1000.  I drilled yet more holes and it was gradually a bit quieter. I had the brainstorm to actually put some material into the space between barrel and shell, so then tried some teflon scrubber stuff which actually did make a difference. Then someone from this thread, suggested using foam.  (Also take note of how to hijack a thread ;) ).  Stupid of me eh? Righto, a quick trip to a shop later, and I have some foam. (Less than $2).    Some work with a soldering iron (to create a hole in the foam, silly ) later and voila! – The silencer does a far better job now than it was brand new.   A test that I did recently was firing past another person who was testing his hand gun.  He was facing away from me, and I was shooting past his head.  He never even realised that I was shooting past him. (He was wearing safety glasses, just incase you are thinking 'you retard!'). Another test (this time inside) was done with me being the target at about 15m.  Boy, I could barely hear it myself, and this would be far far lower once out in the bush.
And now, considering the price that I payed for the M1910, is it any good at shooting?

Fair to middling actually.  Not great, but not bad either. An interesting thing to see though was that the silencer improved the accuracy of it.  I did have some pictures ready for scanning, but in the end, out to 15m distance, don't even bother.  Go for less than 10m and you will hit someone (mostly) in the chest (if aiming at).  Less than 5m, and you can definately get into the chest area with a good chance that they will not hear you either. 

Not bad. Here is the data:
with an average of 240.75 fps at about (estimated) 25deg with ET1000 gas.  Considering this is an older design (1988?) and it is 'brand new' I am quite impressed with it.  This M1910 is older than a lot of airsofters in case you didn't quite catch that.  Probably bring a tear to Antagon's eye. ;)

Update 14/05/05 - I tested this again, using ET1000, and it fired an average of 263fps.  My only guess is that the reading was so high, was because I had been holding it in my (nomex gloved) hand for so long.  Still, I'm not complaining.

The End
Well, barring that annoying massive line running the entire length of the body, and it being too small (really) for my hand for proper action, this thing is great as a small concealable silencer airsoft gun. It can be used for themes (such as "secret agent man" ) and can even be legitimately used for a WW1 or WW2 kit if someone were so enclined (Please, officers only, there's a good chap, what?) . It has reasonable power, can be silenced well (with some effort) but I do not think quite as well as the TM Mk23 NBB (although I do admit to not having one here for a side-by-side relative test).  The 'chrome' or INOX appearance in these images is a bit (ok, a lot ) deceiving, as there are various marks that do appear on the frame and slide... kinda like water splotches, but... weird.  It would have been far better for me to have gotten the fully black version, so as I could then re-colour as required.  This INOX-life finish is going to be a devil - the first scratch, and it will be toast!  That will not prevent me from using it at skirmishs though, as I feel this is supposed to be used.

I am pleased with my purchase, and look forward to actually using it on someone. <evil grin>

Update 14/05/05 - Not really skirmised per se, but used on people walking back to base at the end of a game. I did aimed firing at chests and some people had no idea on where the shot had come from. Woot. Distances were 5m to 15m. :)

by Twitch by Twitch

Mucho thanks to Twitch, once again, as the 'professional' looking shots of the M1910 with the clarity that they are, are his, prior to him posting the M1910 to me.  It really shames my crappy little Minolta Dimage 2300, which has been universally panned in all sorts of reviews.

More information and sources: Some information about the M1910 Information on the M1910, 1x pic used from there.
Transformers. Transformers. Yeah.. I know.. enough of the bloody transformers already :) - For the images of the Gases.  Also some good sales too.

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