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Western Arms are best known for their prolific output of 1911 style guns and Berettas.

Some years ago, though, they produced a couple of Smith & Wesson replicas, the Sigma and the 'Shorty 40', a cut down 4506 style gun chambered for the .40 S&W round. Recently WA struck a deal with 3PSA, who have the rights to the S&W logo in airsoft and launched (what else?) a S&W 1911.

An excellent replica of the real 4013TSW

What got the attention of the wider airsoft community was the announcement of the M4013TSW, an updated 'Shorty 40', announced shortly after the S&W 1911.

As with most Western Arms guns reviewed on this site, this one came to me, on loan, courtesy of Elite Airsoft.

In the Box

Nothing too surprising here for anyone who has seen a recent WA product.

Standard SCW fare.

Inside the SCW logoed box, with just a sticker on one end to indicate the contents, is the gun, a bag of BBs and the usual collection of paperwork.

First Impressions

These are certainly good, looking at photos of the real 4013TSW (Tactical Smith & Wesson), it's very hard to tell the difference with the WA replica.

The gun is also a very solid feeling piece, feeling solid and heavy, despite its compact size.

Right side is very plain.

The markings on the slide look exceptionally good, replicating the laser etched markings also seen on the KSC S&W M945.

The original WA S&W 'Shorty Forty'

The 4013 is a cut-down full size S&W Automatic (such as the 4506 and shortened in both slide/frame and grip. The grip is short, but the magazines feature a lip allowing the little finger to rest on it, beyond the cut down grip, making the gun easy to hold and shoot accurately, despite its small size. The real thing is chambered for the .40 S&W round, rather than the .45ACP of the 450X range.

Barrel features 1911 style bulge. Note chequering on grip front.

Metal parts include the hammer, slide lock, safeties/decockers, outer barrel, recoil rod, front and rear sights and magazine catch.

Closer Look

The 4013 is a double-action automatic, unlike the 1911 design, so it is possible to pull the trigger to cock and fire the gun.

This is particluarly important on the 4013, as the hammer spur is removed, making the gun almost impossible to cock, simply by pulling back the hammer.

Nice clearly dotted tactical Novak sights and ambi-safety/decoker.

The ambidextrous safeties on the 4013 double as a decocker, as on a Beretta 92 or Cougar, which is replicated on the WA version.

The hammer, trigger, safeties and slide lock are all black painted metal. The hammer features serrations along the top, so it is possible to cock the hammer with a fingernail, but it's not easily done and I would imagine impossible with a real steel hammer spring.

Hammer spur removed - Well replicated grips.

The markings, as already mentioned are generally excellent. The left side of the slide is marked "40 Tactical Smith & Wesson"/"Springfield MA, USA" and with a S&W logo. The left side of the frame is marked with recessed "S&W SPFLD. PA U.S.A"/"MOD 4013TSW"/"VJF4718" - This set of markings appear to be in a very slight indention. I wonder if this is a result of modifying the Shorty Forty mould to have new markings...

The right side of the gun, in contrast, is totally devoid of real steel markings, with just a ASGK mark by the red safety dot on the frame.

The chamber is marked "S&W .40" on the top.

Rail to fit lights, etc is included as on real steel.

The grips bear S&W logos and the wording "Smith & Wesson" moulded in. You might expect the grips to be rubberised, but they are actually hard plastic, but so are the real S&W grips, as standard (Those pictured on my Maruzen M4506 below are genuine real steel grips). The 4013's grips are slightly gritty to the feel, a bit like those on the recent WA Berettas. I assume this is realistic, but my 4506 grips are smooth to the touch.

Spurless hammer is visible here.

The frame and slide are painted with a metal flake finish. The finish on my example is pretty much perfect and there is no sign of wear from the use it has received during my review process. The front of the frame features aggressive chequering on the front face and the double stacker (22 round) magazine features a baseplate with a curved lip on the front edge, allowing all 3 of my lower fingers to fit on the grip for a secure hold.

Inner barrel well recessed.

The signts are metal, with a fixed, Novak style rear and a dovetailed in front blade, marked with the familiar three white dot setup.

The outer barrel and recoil rod are metal, with a slight 1911 style bulge to the front of the barrel. The recoil spring is unusual, being a spring-within-a-spring setup, to replicate the real thing. Some owners have reported issues with this setup, when firing single action (presumably from a previously fired position or by racking the slide for shot one) but it has given me no problems.

Under the frame, ahead of the trigger guard, there is a rather intrusive (but accurate to the real thing) rail for mounting a tactical torch or a laser.

The magazine catch is a fairly small, but prominent button on the left side of the grip, just behind the trigger guard. It cannot be reversed for left-handed use.

Shooting Impressions

The action of the M4013TSW is very sharp and snappy with Abbey Ultra gas and still reasonably good with 134a. Being a small gun, with a heavyweight slide, there is a reasonable amount of 'kick' perceived by the shooter, and fast follow up shots pose no difficulties.

Click on image for bigger version in separate window.

Carrying out my standard 5m/6 round, off hand test, the 4013TSW produced impressive results for a gun with such a short barrel.

The best 5 rounds were in a 3.5 CM (1.4 inch) cluster with the 6th falling close by as well.

No doubt this is helped by the gun's tightbore 6.03mm barrel and the fixed hop-up. Reports from other users suggest longer range accuracy is also good for the compact style of gun.

Over 10 shots, the S&W M4013TSW averaged 272 fps (using Ultra gas) indoors (at 21C) and 211 fps using Abbey Ultra (at 23C).

Shot      FPS
1 269.9
2 273.2
3 267.4
4 271.1
5 275.3
6 286.7
7 269.1
8 267.1
9 271.0
10 269.9

Trigger pull was 780g (28 Oz), which is a medium weight pull for a GBB. In single action, there is a long dead pull, before a crisp take up when the gun fires.

Take Down

Take down is very straightforward.

With the magazine out, the slide should be pushed back until the slide cutout is level with the FRONT of the slide lock. The slide lock can then be pushed out of the frame and the slide and barrel slide forward off the frame.


The recoil spring and rod can be withdrawn from the slide and the barrel pushed forward, then back and down to withdraw it from the slide.


Overall, the WA S&W 4013TSW is a pretty good little compact auto. Performance is a little down on bigger autos, but not badly so, and accuracy is pretty good, thank to clear sights and that tightbore barrel.

4013TSW with full size Maruzen 4506.

Many will certainly welcome the return of the 'Shorty 40' style gun (WA have also announced a black version with the push-button style safety) and, especially with the black option, only the niggly would quibble about the slightly indented serial number on the frame.

Black Variant also available.

Weight : 790g (220g magazine)

Realism : *****
Quality : *****
Power : ***
Accuracy : ****

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