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Arnie's Airsoft - UK based news, reviews and information site.
First Factory - Japanese retailer's news page - Usually early with new releases.
Sanken's Fax release page - Japanese retailer's page, which contains advance news of release of all sorts of airsoft products, not just guns, but accessories and upgrade parts, too.


Arnies Airsoft Forum - UK Based Airsoft Forum


Western Arms - All in Japanese.
KSC - All in Japanese
Marushin - All in Japanese
Tokyo Marui - All in Japanese
Tanaka Works - All in Japanese and far from exhaustive so far...
UHC - English site.
KWC - English site.
Airsoft Innovations - Airsoft accessories and widgets, including the Propane Adaptor & WA Flow Restrictor.


I have bought from all these retailers and have received good, reliable service.

Elite Shooting Centre - UK based Airsoft retailer, specialising in Western Arms - Highly Recommended

Airsoft Direct - UK based Airsoft retailer - Highly recommended.

Airsoft Armoury - UK based retailer with shops near London and Birmingham.
Den Trinity - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
Wargame Club Shop - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
UN Company - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
Tokyo Model Company - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
BB Guns Online - Online shop for UK Antics high street model shop.

The following retailers have good sites, but I've not dealt with them peronally.

RedWolf Airsoft - Hong Kong retailer with a very informative site.
Fire Support - UK based retailer.
Marui Airsoft - Channel Islands based retailer with good prices on TM.

Other Reviews

Defcon Airsoft Reviews - A UK based news and review sites, with decent user written reviews.
Airsoft Core's reviews - Mixed bag of reviews, but plenty of them and in English.
Unconventional Airsoft - Excellent site with reviews and accuracy tests.
The M1911.ORG forum's Project Airsoft - An excellent review site with the added twist that it focusses on the use of airsoft pistols for real steel training, giving a unique perspective on airsoft pistols.
Infected Airsoft - An airsoft blog with a few decent reviews, including GBBs, AEPs and AEGs as well as some gadgets, gear and gizmos.

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