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AI Mag

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Arnie's Airsoft.

NL Airsoft - The European Airsoft Source

Airsoft Innovations

The Airoft Press

HL Ebooks

Latest Airsoft News

Arnie's Airsoft - UK based news, reviews and information site.
First Factory - Japanese retailer's news page - Usually early with new releases.
EU Airsoft News - Airsoft News from Europe - They seem to be first with airsoft news in English and usually with pictures.
Sanken's Fax release page - Japanese retailer's page, which contains advance news of release of all sorts of airsoft products, not just guns, but accessories and upgrade parts, too.


Airsoft Community UK Forum - UK Based Airsoft Forum and host of this site.
Arnies Airsoft Forum - UK Based Airsoft Forum
Airsoft Retreat Forum - US Based Airsoft Forum
Airsoft Ohio Forum - US Based Airsoft Forum
UK Airsoft Network Forum - UK Based Airsoft Forum - Online but closed.


Western Arms - English site.
KSC - All in Japanese
Marushin - All in Japanese
Tokyo Marui - All in Japanese
Tanaka Works - All in Japanese and far from exhaustive so far...
UHC - English site.
KWC - English site.
HFC - Ho Feng Company - Once maligned, but now maker of some very good all metal airsoft guns - English site.
Airsoft Innovations - Airsoft accessories and widgets, including the Propane Adaptor & WA Flow Restrictor.


I have bought from all these retailers and have received good, reliable service.

Elite Shooting Centre - UK based Airsoft retailer, specialising in Western Arms - Highly Recommended

Elite Airsoft - UK based Airsoft retailer, specialising in Western Arms - Highly Recommended

Airsoft Direct - UK based Airsoft retailer - Highly recommended.

Airsoftmart - UK based Airsoft retailer - Highly recommended.

Guns N Guys - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Highly Recommended

Airsoft Armoury - UK based retailer with shops near London and Birmingham.
Den Trinity - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
Wargame Club Shop - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
UN Company - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
Tokyo Model Company - Hong Kong based Airsoft retailer - Recommended
BB Guns Online - Online shop for UK Antics high street model shop.
Gizmos UK - Gizmos UK is a one stop shop for BB guns, airsoft, guns, pistols, rifles, paintball guns, ammunition, big boys toys, shooting accessories, archery equipment and more.

The following retailers have good sites, but I've not dealt with them peronally.

RedWolf Airsoft - Hong Kong retailer with a very informative site.
Fire Support - UK based retailer.
Marui Airsoft - Channel Islands based retailer with good prices on TM.

Other Reviews

SASOT Airsoft Reviews - An airsoft team's reviews.
Defcon Airsoft Reviews - A UK based news and review sites, with decent user written reviews.
K's website reviews - Japanese review website - Translate with Babelfish
Timm's airsoft reviews - Lots of good technical info as well as reviews - In Japanese - Translate with Babelfish
Airsoft Core's reviews - Mixed bag of reviews, but plenty of them and in English.
Unconventional Airsoft - Excellent site with reviews and accuracy tests.
DumboRAT's gallery - DumboRAT has vanished from the airsoft world, but his excellent gallery is still available.
The Airsoft Model Database - Extensive specs of airsoft guns with an increasing number of reviews.
The M1911.ORG forum's Project Airsoft - An excellent review site with the added twist that it focusses on the use of airsoft pistols for real steel training, giving a unique perspective on airsoft pistols.
Infected Airsoft - An airsoft blog with a few decent reviews, including GBBs, AEPs and AEGs as well as some gadgets, gear and gizmos.
Armourpiercing's collection site - Not so much reviews as observations on his collection, but Armourpiercing's amassed an eclectic one over the years, so worth a look for some rare items
AATV - A great Airsoft Video Review site with really professional reports, which are fun and informative - Some of the best I've seen and, helpfully, in English!
Chairsoft Press - A small (so far) review site with some good reviews from some people I respect as knowledgeable about airsoft.

Other Links

Metropolitan Police Firearms site - A great explanation of what is (and is not) a firearm, including airgun limits, etc - ESSENTIAL reading!
World Guns - Encyclopedic site relating to 'real steel' guns.
HLE e-Books - Great ebooks about real steel firearms.
Renegade Recon - Excellent news site, plus forum.
Airbana Airsoft Map - Comprehensive list of airsoft sites, retailers and other locations, worldwide!
EvilHippy's travel blog - A familiar face to anyone on Arnies is doing a world tour and documenting it here.

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