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Date What's new?
04/12/2010 Added TM FN 5-7 review to GBB page
27/11/2010 Added Tokyo Marui Glock 18C review to Full Auto GBB page
03/09/2009 Added WA Beretta 92 Elite 1A review to GBB page
08/08/2009 Added KJW SIG P229 (KP02) review to GBB page.
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04/07/2009 Added Western Arms Beretta M92FS review to GBB page.
19/06/2009 Added Toke Lund's Cold Weather GBB comparison article.
01/06/2009 Added Tanaka Works Smith & Wesson 327 M&P R8 review to Revolver page
10/05/2009 Added WE Luger review to GBB page
01/04/2009 Added Madbull Noveske KX3 Flash hider/Amplifier review to Kit and Kaboodle page
17/03/2009 Added Silencer Comparison article
01/03/2009 Added Airsoft news feed, courtesy of airsoft-news.eu
01/02/2009 Added TM 1911 MEU review to GBB page
01/10/2008 Added KSC USP review to GBB page
01/08/2008 Added new KSC H&K Mk23 review to GBB page
Added new TM H&K Mk23 review to NBB page
01/07/2008 Added Tanaka Works SIG P226 Heavyweight review to GBB page
10/06/2008 Added TM Speedloader review to Kit & Kaboodle page
04/06/2008 Updated review of Airsoft Innovations Tornado BB Grenade on Kit & Kaboodle page
01/06/2008 Added KWA Glock 26C and KSC Glock 34 Straight Frame reviews to GBB Page - Thanks to Ben (hkssr20det) for the reveiew
28/05/2008 Added review of Airsoft Innovations Tornado BB Grenade to Kit & Kaboodle page
16/05/2008 Added KWA 1911A1 Full Metal review to GBB Page - Thanks to Ben (hkssr20det) for the reveiew
03/05/2008 Added TM Hi-Capa 4.3 and WE 1911 Officer's Model reviews to GBB page
19/04/2008 Added TM SIG P226 Chrome Stainless review to GBB page
13/04/2008 Added WE Colt 1911A1 review to GBB page
05/04/2008 Added Hartford Remington New Model Army review to Revolver page
01/03/2008 Added Marushin Automag review to GBB page
22/01/2008 Added ROF figures and MP3 sound to M11 SMG review courtesy of RSP1
09/01/2008 Added TM Detonics Combat Master review to GBB page
01/01/2008 Added WE Hi-Capa 5.1 Alloy Slide version review to GBB page
Added hkssr20det's Marushin SIG P210 review to GBB page
01/12/2007 Added TM Beretta M93R AEP review to Electric Pistol page
Created Electric Pistol Page and moved appropriate reviews there from Sundry page
11/11/2007 Added Wege's review of the Tanaka Colt Police Positive Special to the Revolver page
Site moved to new servers
03/11/2007 Added WinGun Heckler & Koch P3000 (Raid 400) review to NBB page
20/10/2007 Added WinGun Taurus 24/7 (Sport 106) review to NBB page
Added AI Propane Adaptor V5 and Duster Gas adaptor quick look review to Kit & Kaboodle page.
30/09/2007 Added HFC Glock 17 review to GBB page
26/08/2007 Added Practical Pistol Shooting Article to site
03/08/2007 Added WE Baby Hi-Capa review to GBB page
14/07/2007 Added review of Elite custom TM Hi-Capas to GBB review page.
09/04/2007 New look to site, including menu navigation
Added TM Glock 17 review to GBB Page
06/03/2007 Added MGC Glock 18 review to GBB page
Added Guarder SVI Hammer and Sear review to Kit & Kaboodle page
01/12/2006 Added Tanio Koba USP Tactical review to GBB page
Updated 7mm springer review with more information
01/11/2006 Added Airsoft Press AEP Mechbox guide review to Kit & Kaboodle Page
Added WA Beretta Tactical Elite review to GBB Page
22/10/2006 Added Airsoft Press MP7 Upgrade Guide review to Kit & Kaboodle Page
06/10/2006 Added Tanaka Works Browning Hi-Power review to GBB page.
New 'Blue Steel' look to the site - Background courtesy of GR Sites
21/09/2006 Added TM Colt 1911A1 review to GBB page
09/09/2006 Added Academy Luger review to Springer page
Added Crown S&W M29 review to Revolver page.
26/08/2006 Added MP3 sound files to reviews of KSC M93R, Maruzen Vz61, ICS MP5 and TM MP7
01/08/2006 Added Vz61 Scorpion review to Select Fire Gas page.
29/07/2006 Added HFC Mauser M712 review to NBB page.
20/07/2006 Added TM H&K MP7 review to Sundry page.
12/05/2006 Added KSC STi Eagle Hybrid review to GBB page.
09/04/2006 Added Marushin Beretta 92F review to NBB page
Added KWC IMI Desert Eagle Supergrade review to springer page
01/03/2006 Added ICS MP5 SD5 AEG Review to Sundry Page
Added Marushin Super Blackhawk review to Revolver Page.
05/02/2006 Added TM SIG Sauer P226 Review to GBB Page.
29/01/2006 Added WA 1911A1 Magnatech review to GBB page.
Added review indexes by original and airsoft manufacturer.
Added Airsoft Press Tactics guide to Kit & Kaboodle page.
07/01/2006 Added Gas gun care guide to site - Originally published in Safezone magazine.
Added Airsoft Press Gas gun guide review to Kit & Kaboodle page.
29/10/2005 Added KSC SIGPRO 2340 review to GBB page.
Added TM Steyr GB review to NBB page.
Added Guarder WA SVI uprated spring review and AI Flow Restrictor review to Kit and Kaboodle page.
08/10/2005 Added SIIS Desert Eagle 10" review to GBB page.
03/10/2005 Images on All Reviews page reduced in size to speed up load time.
25/09/2005 Added Reviews of Tanaka Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull and Crown Colt Python on Revolver page.
11/09/2005 Added review of early WA Beretta M92FS to GBB page.
05/09/2005 Added Tanaka S&W 500 review to Revolver page.
31/08/2005 Added AI Air Duster Adaptor review to Kit and Kaboodle page.
10/08/2005 Added TM Desert Eagle Hardkick review to GBB page.
23/07/2005 Added WA 1911 MEU Early version, Wilson Combat SDS and Colt Defender reviews to GBB page.
14/07/2005 Added WA Colt 1911, 1911A1, 1911 Series 80, Delta Elite, Para Ordnance P14-45 Ltd, SCW Beretta Cougar and S&W 4013TSW reviews to GBB page.
Added Tokyo Marui and Armotech Full Metail Hi-Capa reviews to GBB page.
Added Wege's Marushin Browning 1910 review to NBB page.
05/06/2005 Added TM Glock 18C AEP review to Others page.
Added Derringer/COP .357 review to NBB page.
18/05/2005 Added Airsoft Press AEG Upgrade Guide and G&G and Guarder SVI Chamber reviews to kit page.
Updated Links page.
01/05/2005 Added 7mm springer reviews to Springer page.
Updated Links page.
27/04/2005 Added TM FN P90TR AEG review to Sundry page.
Added Kit & Kaboodle page with review of Airsoft Innovations Propane Adaptor
23/04/2005 Added WA SVI Hybrid Comp 6" and PO HRT (Black) reviews to GBB Page
TM CZ75 springer review updated to include shooting impressions and performance figures.
15/04/2005 Site now hosted by Marcus (from Arnies - Many thanks!) - Pictures restored to hi-res!
Added sound level article (originally published in Safezone magazine).
28/03/2005 Added WA Para Ordnance P14-45 2 Tone review to GBB Page.
Picture quality reduced - Problems with bandwidth at ASCUK! Sorry about that, but the site's proving popular!
12/03/2005 Added WA Wilson Combat Tactical Special & S&W Sigma reviews to GBB page.
19/02/2005 Added numerous WA reviews to GBB page.
Added WA Jatimatic review to full-auto page.
12/02/2005 Added WA SCW SVI 5" and HFC Beretta M9 M190 reviews to GBB page.
08/02/2005 Added MGC P7, WA Wilson Professional and WA SVI Expert 5" reviews to GBB page.
30/01/2005 Added WA M92FS Olive Drab & Wilson Combat Tactical Compact reviews to GBB page.
23/01/2005 Added Maruzen MP5K review to full-auto page.
16/01/2005 Added Tokyo Marui Colt Python mini-review to revolver page.
12/01/2005 Added Tanaka Luger Artillery review to GBB page.
06/01/2005 Updated Maruzen S&W M4506 review on NBB page.
03/01/2005 Added Kang Nam Beretta Dolphin review to Springer page.

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