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FN Five seveN (5-7) - Tokyo Marui (12/2010) Accurate
Rarely replicated gun
Fake markings
Beretta M92 Elite 1A - Western Arms (9/2009) Great replication
Decent Power
Excellent quality
Only OK accuracy (might be this example)
Vertec grip doesn't suit all.
SIG Sauer P229 - KJW (8/2009) Solid
Decent Performance
Keenly Priced
Rarely replicated gun
Feels a bit crude
No real trademarks
Beretta M92FS - Western Arms (7/2009) Excellent replication
solid feel
Good performer
Limited aftermarket support
Beretta licensing text on frame
Luger P08 (4 inch barrel) - WE (5/2009) Unique toggle mechanism
Great price for all metal
Big step forward in quality for WE
Limited markings
Grey painted toggle and magazine
Colt 1911 MEU - Tokyo Marui(2/2009) Good accuracy and power
Excellent finish
TM reliability
Rather plain
Heckler & Koch USP - KSC(10/2008) Usual KSC quality and detailing (on the whole)
Metal at a decent price
Decent all round performer
Painted (not 100% accurate) trades won't appeal to all
Doesn't really excel at anything
Heckler & Koch Mk23 - KSC(9/2008) Detail
Some dislike dampened recoil
Plastic slides tend to break with Green gas
SIG P226 - Tanaka Works (7/2008) Great feeling ABS gun
Good Power
High realism factor
Accuracy only acceptable
Markings a little faint
Glock 34 Straight Frame - KSC (6/2008) Heavy Weight Slide
G34 controls
Good gas efficiency
Good Accuracy and Power
Shallow Trademarks
Inconsistent Hop Up
Notchy Trigger
Limited kick and Slow Cycle Speed
Glock 26C - KWA/KSC (6/2008) Metal Slide
High ROF
Good Power for Barrel Length
Lots of upgrades available
Limited Mag Capacity
So - so Hop Up
Lack of Trademarks.
Colt 1911A1 (Full Metal) - KWA/KSC (5/2008) Quality all metal construction
Very powerful
Good all round performance
No markings
Orange muzzle very heavily applied
Hi-Capa 4.3 Tactical Custom - Tokyo Marui (5/2008) Accurate
Better balance than 5.1 model
Still a bit plasticky
No ambi-safety
Colt 1911 Officer's Model - WE (5/2008) Rare to find a full metal 1911 Compact
Decent range
Feels good in the hand
Suffers badly from cooldown when cold
Poor power
So-so accuracy
SIG P226 Chrome Stainless - Tokyo Marui (4/2008) Good looking Chrome finish
Decent performance
Nice rubberised grips
Ugly seams still visible
Some metal parts TOO shiny?
Brittle feel to ABS
Colt 1911A1 - WE (4/2008) Decent performance
Great feel
Not top quality
No markings
AMT Automag .44 - Marushin (3/2008) Great looking (mostly)
Excellent packaging
Unusual Bolt action
Horrible grips
so-so accuracy and FPS
Too big to be practical as a skirmish sidearm
Detonics Combat Master - Tokyo Marui (1/2008) Build quality
Good replication
Little lacking in power
Plastic outer barrel
Uneven finish on hammer
SIG P210-6 (8mm version) - Marushin (1/2008) The only GBB Sig P210-6 on the market
Accurate Trades
Good power, especially for 8mm
Can handle green gas
Good fit and finish
Good efficiency
Poor accuracy
Light weight
Limited magazine capacity
Large Marushin Trades
Fake looking grips
High price
Hi-Capa 5.1 Alloy slide version - WE (1/2008) All Metal
Decent power and accuracy
Good balance
Very plain
Build quality not the best
Glock 17 (Metal Slide version) - HFC (9/2007) Price
Decent performance
Not that realistic
A bit basic
NOT compatible with TM Glock 17
Baby Hi-Capa 3.8 inch - WE (8/2007) Price
Decent Accuracy
Fun to shoot
Not that powerful
smooth trigger face
Boland and Accucomp Custom Hi-Capas - Elite/TM (7/2007) Accuracy
Glock 17 - TM (4/2007) Price
Good performance
Free Night Sights
Nice trademarks
Still a bit plasticky (but then so are real Glocks)
Light (but then so are real Glocks)
Plastic magazine catch
Heckler & Koch USP Tactical 2006 model - Tanio Koba (12/2006) Quality
No-one else makes
a good USP Tactical
Average power
Spare mags hard to find
Beretta Tactical Elite - Western Arms (11/2006) Great looks
High quality
Hard kicking
Accuracy not as good as some other WA Elites
Limited upgrades available
Browning Hi-Power Mk3 (Silver) - Tanaka Works (10/2006) Only currently available Hi-Power
Great looks
Leaky magazines
Fragile finish(?)
Colt 1911A1 - Tokyo Marui (09/2006) Great presentation & finish
Very affordable
Good performance
Poorly secured in box
Not quite as good as a WA (I'm stretching to find fault, I admit)
STi Eagle 5.5 Hybrid - KSC (05/2006) Great appearance
Rare race gun design
Good performance
That grip...
Spares very hard to find
Possibly a bit fragile?
SIG Sauer P226 - Tokyo Marui (02/2006) Accurate
Rarely replicated gun
Solid feeling
Great aftermarket support
Power not impressive
Plasticky finish and poorly finished moulding
Colt 1911A1 - Western Arms Magnatech (01/2006) WA performance
High quality by most standards
A cheap 1911, at last
Lower quality plastic than usual WA guns
Very thin and shallow trademarks
SIG PRO 2340 - KSC (10/2005) Stylish, different gun
Excellent replication
Sluggish blowback with metal slide
Lightweight in stock form
Poor power
Unreliable operation with Green gas.
IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX .50AE 10" Barrel - SIIS(10/2005) Good finish
Astounding power
Good price
Accuracy not great out of the box
Not quite as solid feeling as the TM
Beretta M92FS - Western Arms Early Version (09/2005) Interesting blued steel look
Nicely finished
Good looking trademarks
Lightweight, possibly fragile, plastic
Not as powerful or accurate as a modern 92FS
IMI Desert Eagle .50AE Hardkick Silver - Tokyo Marui (08/2005) Power
Good trades and general finish
Solid & heavy.
Some metal parts look a bit cheap.
Seams on frame.
Colt Series 90 Defender - Western Arms (07/2005) The Colt 1911 Compact
Reasonable performance for a compact.
Finish on metal parts patchy here and there
Less powerful than a fullsize.
Limited Edition
Wilson Combat SDS - Western Arms (07/2005) Hefty
Beautifully detailed
Unique barrel
Wilson Combat magazine nightmare to fill
Full size is more powerful
Limited Edition.
Colt 1911 M.E.U. Early Version - Western Arms (07/2005) Modern, military intrepretation of 1911 design
Good performance
Wilson Combat magazine...
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - Armotech(Full Metal) (07/2005) Heavy
Good performance
No markings
flawed grip safety design
Not as precisely built as some GBBs.
Hi-Capa 5.1 Government - Tokyo Marui (07/2005) Fairly powerful and accurate
Nicely made, mostly
Affordable 2011 model.
Odd balance
Fake markings
Poor finish on some parts.
Beretta M8045 Cougar (SCW Version) - Western Arms (07/2005) Detail
SCW gas system
Slide "buffer"
Short barrel may affect longer range accuracy
Para Ordnance P14-45 Limited - Western Arms (07/2005) Target gun in Para format
Excellent performance.
Bo-Mar sights spoil line of Para Ordnance
Dull visually.
Colt 1911 Mark IV Series 80 - Western Arms (07/2005) SCW2 version 1911
Great finish
Good performance and accuracy.
Plastic jawed mags have had some reported problems.
Smith & Wesson 4013TSW - Western Arms (07/2005) NOT a 1911!
Good performance and accuracy for compact
Some report problems with complex recoil spring
Colt Delta Elite - Western Arms (07/2005) Fantatstic accuracy
Nice grip
Usual WA quality.
Single stack magazine as standard, but newer double stackers will fit.
Colt 1911 U.S. Army Model - Western Arms (07/2005) Weighty
Lovely finish
Good performance and accuracy.
Pricier than other WA 1911s, but then you get more...
Colt 1911A1 Military - Western Arms (07/2005) The classic WW2 1911
Good performance & accuracy
Finish is painted, so may not be as resilient as a black gun
Strayer Voigt Infinity Hybrid Comp 6" - Western Arms (04/2005) Basically a 6" Ltd Super!
Parts hard to find, to retain originality
Accuracy not up to latest WA SVI standards
Para Ordnance HRT Special (SCW Black) - Western Arms (04/2005) Great looking
Very powerful
Licencing text a bit intrusive.
Para Ordnance P14-45 Two Tone - Western Arms (04/2005) Attractive design
Solid and heavy.
Good performance
Pea green, not everyone's choice!
No longer available.
Smith & Wesson Sigma "Metal" slide version - Western Arms (03/2005) Rarely replicated
Usual WA quality
'Metal' slide
Fake markings
Is the slide REALLY metal?
Wilson Combat Tactical Special - Western Arms (03/2005) Unusual 1911 barrel design
Excellent finish
Prominent mag release might cause problems (OK, I'm really stretching!)
Beretta M9 M190 - HFC (02/2005) Solid, heavy & well finished.
Accuracy & Power good.
Fake markings
No working de-cocker.
Strayer Voigt Expert 4.3" - Western Arms (02/2005) Great performance and Accuracy, especially for short SVI
'Infinity in a Boss suit'
33 round magazine
Less secure grip design than traditional SVIs
5" is even better
Beretta Elite 1A Silver - Western Arms (02/2005) Excellent silver finish
Practical, Tactical Beretta styling
Elite performance
Vertec grip not for everyone
Black harder wearing?
Beretta 1934 Silver - Western Arms (02/2005) Tiny fully functional GBB
Affordable WA
20 round capacity
Silver finish a bit grey
Limited power
Wilson Combat Professional - Western Arms (02/2005) Powerful & accurate.
Attractive styling.
Wilson Combat Magazine buffers!!!
Magazines lack double stacking of Tactical Compact.
Strayer Voigt Infinity SCW 6" - Western Arms (02/2005) Useful advance over older SVIs
Silver finish of high quality
White Dots on Bo-Mar sights
A bit BLING!
Like all 6" SVIs, hard to holster.
Strayer Voigt Infinity SCW 5" - Western Arms (02/2005) Useful advance over older SVIs
Silver finish of high quality
White Dots on Bo-Mar sights
A bit BLING!
Strayer Voigt Expert 5" - Western Arms (02/2005) Great performance and Accuracy
'Infinity in a Boss suit'
33 round magazine
Less secure grip design than traditional SVIs
6" MAY be even better!
Heckler & Koch P7M13 - MGC (02/2005) Fantastic quality
Almost perfect replication
Accuracy so-so
Power poor
Hard to find parts/magazines
Wilson Combat Tactical Supergrade Compact - Western Arms (01/2005) Powerful & accurate.
Attractive styling, especially grips.
Double stacking mag.
Wilson Combat Magazine buffers!!!!!
Limited Edition.
Beretta M92FS HW Olive Drab - Western Arms(01/2005) Heavy!
Good accuracy and power
Interesting finish.
Sandpaper grips take some getting used to.
Still too much text!
Luger Parabellum P08 Artillery - Tanaka (01/2005) Great gun to replicate
Powerful & Accurate
Bit light
Grips should be wood, not plastic
The magazines might leak with time?
Heckler & Koch USP Compact - KSC (12/2004) Heavy for size
Good Looking
Cool down
Markings too fine and shallow
Heckler & Koch USP Tactical - KJW (11/2004) Rarely replicated
Good accuracy
Metal barrel
Poor power
Nasty finish
leaky mags, breaking triggers,...
Wilson Hi Cap - Western Arms (10/2004) Super fast cycling
More 1911 than an Infinity
Needs work to be accurate
No Hop-Up
A bit specialised.
Smith & Wesson Sigma SW40F - Western Arms (08/2004) Accurate
Well made.
Average power
No longer made.
Glock 34 - KSC (08/2004) Accurate
Feels more solid than most Glocks.
Popping sound when firing, as ever
Dull appearance.
SV Infinity Xcelerator Black - Western Arms (07/2004) Usual Infinity quality and performance
Manageable size
Not much different to the Ltd.
Gold parts not available in aftermarket.
STi Eagle Titan 5.1 - KSC (06/2004) Nicely finished
Makes a change from an SV Infinity
Parts unobtainable
Desert Eagle - Non-Hardkick - Tokyo Marui (06/2004) Huge
Iconic design
Clever Hop-Up Adjustment
Too huge for some
Daft markings
Weedy power
Strayer Voigt Infinity Tactical Carry - Western Arms (05/2004) Compact
Tough looking.
Disappointing power
Poor accuracy.
Para Ordnance P14-45 Silver - Western Arms (05/2004) Attractive design
Solid and heavy.
Not that accurate.
Para Ordnance HRT Special (SCW Parkerised) - Western Arms (05/2004) Unusual finish
Very powerful
Not that accurate
Grey finish not everyone's taste.
Wilson Combat CQB - Western Arms (05/2004) Excellent replica
Powerful and accurate
That magazine.
Wilson Combat Striker - Western Arms (05/2004) Unusual take on 1911
Heavy for a 1911
Not yet fitted with the SCW system
Strayer Voigt Infinity 6" Std - Western Arms (05/2004) Performance
Build quality
No longer made.
Beretta 92FS Elite CQB - Western Arms (05/2004) Excellent finish
Impressive cycling speed.
Very affordable.
Vertec grip not great for medium or large hands
Ordinary M92 magazine.
Para Ordnance Doberman - Western Arms (05/2004) Big, heavy gun
Distinctive styling
Good balance
Too distinctive for some?
Exclusivity isn't cheap.
Glock 19 - KWA (04/2004) Cheap!
Solid performer.
Fake looking markings on slide
Frame is NOT heavyweight material as KSC
S&W Performance Center 945 Black - KSC (03/2004) Great trigger
Sharp, snappy action
Slim frame
Plain Jane version of silver gun
Questionable longevity with high power gasses.
Wilson Combat Vreaker 12 - Western Arms (12/2003) Heavyweight
Sharp, snappy action
Modern styling.
Magazine impossible to fill!
Para Ordnance P14-45 Prokiller Combat - Western Arms (12/2003) Stylish
Powerful & Accurate
Not full auto.
Beretta M92FS Competition - Western Arms (12/2003) A target pistol that is NOT 1911 based
Classy wood effect grips
Clever power adjuster.
A speciality piece.
Beretta Elite 2 - Western Arms (12/2003) Great shooter
sharp kick and recoil
Could be heavier
Worries about durability of slide finish?
Beretta 1934 - Western Arms (12/2003) Solid feel
Not as powerful as a bigger gun.
Colt 1911 Mark IV Model 70 - Western Arms (12/2003) Accurate
Beautifully made
Expensive and exclusive
A bit plain?
Glock 19 Glock 19 - KSC (10/2003) Great reputation
Quality feel to frame
Mine broke - hammer is hollow...
Parts unobtainable
Infinity Xcelerator Compact Strayer Voigt Infinity Xcelerator Compact - Western Arms (10/2003) Solid
Usual Infinity quality
Too many colours on one gun?
Infinity Gigant Beretta M84 Cheetah Spy Pack - Western Arms (10/2003) Neat silencer
Intrusive WA license markings
Few upgrades available
Infinity Xcelerator Hybrid Strayer Voigt Infinity Xcelerator Hybrid 6" - Western Arms (10/2003) Weight
Rare Compensator style barrel.
Finish on metal parts not perfect in places.
Ultimate Comp Para Ordnance Ultimate Competition - Western Arms (10/2003) Usual WA quality
Stylish finish
Light weight
Very much a specialist piece.
Inox 92FS Beretta M92FS Inox - Western Arms (10/2003) Detail
Silver finish on metal parts
Lighter than black version
Cougar Beretta M8045 Cougar - Western Arms (09/2003) Detail
Short barrel may affect longer range accuracy
P99 Walther P99 Military - Maruzen (07/2003) Detail
Odd coloured slide
Light weight
Glock 17 & 18C Glock 17 & 18C - KSC(07/2003) Simple design
Lots of upgrades
G18C fussy about BB quality
Plain design
m84 Beretta M84 Cheetah - Western Arms (07/2003) Detail
Fussy detailing
Few upgrades available
Browning Hi Power Mk3 and Target -JAC (07/2003) Sharp recoil
Quality of Materials
Little copied classic
Heavy trigger pull
Fragile, tight fitting magazines
Smith & Wesson M945 Silver - KSC (07/2003) Beautiful detailing
Super-slim frame
Dubious strength
SV Infinity Limited 6" - Western Arms (06/2003) Solidly built
Lots of scope for upgrades
Dislike of high power gas
Fixed front sight
Beretta M9 Heavyweight - KSC (06/2003) Price
KSC logo'd grips
Limited upgrade options.
SV Infinity Limited 5" - Western Arms (05/2003) Build quality
Scope for upgrades
Not as special as the 6"
Browning Hi Power - Hsu Wei (07/2002) Rarely copied classic
good balance and feel.
Beretta Elite - KSC (10/2002) Price
Lightweight slide
Fiddly mag bumper


Heckler & Koch Mk23 Phase 2 - Tokyo Marui (08/2008) Accuracy
Limited power for an NBB
Trademarks oddly mixed
Light weight
Heckler & Koch P3000 ('Raid 400') - WinGun (11/2007) Good Power & decent accuracy
Only P3000 Replica I know
Fairly cheap
No Trademarks
Inconsistent Hop-Up
Stick magazines
Taurus 24/7 (Sport 106) - WinGun (10/2007) Good Power
Low running costs
Fairly cheap
Cheap finish
No Trademarks
Poor accuracy
Mauser M712 ('Box Cannon') - HFC (07/2006) All metal construction
Cool Mauser look
No trademarks
Hard to fire accurately
Long magazine makes it hard to holster
Too heavy for some?
Beretta 92F - Marushin (04/2006) Unusual finish
licensed trades
Decent accuracy and gas efficiency
Trades too small?
Hard to find spare magazines
Steyr GB - Tokyo Marui (10/2005) Cheap
reasonably heavy
Accurate and gas efficient
Limited power
No Hop-up
Cheap finish
Browning M1910 - Marushin (07/2005) Eyecatching
Fairly Accurate
Hard to find
Silencer is for looks only
Cheap finish
COP .357 8mm - Marushin (06/2005) Eyecatching
Quite usable
Solidly made
Only 4 rounds
Heavy trigger pull
Derringer 6mm - Marushin (06/2005) Tiny
nice action
8 round capacity
Horrible seam marks
Not that powerful
Ruger Mk 1 - KJW (12/2004) Power
Light weight
No markings
Heavy trigger pull
Mauser M712 - Marushin (04/2004) Power
Nice trademarks
Light weight
Fake wood grips
Heavy trigger pull
Bren Ten - Marushin (04/2004) Build quality
Compact 8mm
Rattly magazine
A bit light
Only 12 rounds
Walther P38 - Marushin (09/2003) Metal finish
Light weight
Cheap looking grips.
S&W M4506 - Maruzen (09/2003) Quality
Trigger feel
Fierce Hop-Up needs .34g BBs
Lack of S&W Trademarks
____ AMT Automag 8mm - Marushin (04/2003) Detail
Nice engraving
Flimsy grips
Few trademarks
Colt .25 - 3PSA (04/2002) Cheap


Smith & Wesson Model 327 M&P R8 (6/2009) Great build quality and action
Excellent finish
Modern Revolver styling
Weedy power
dismal accuracy (due to poor power)
Remington New Model Army .44 1858 - Hartford (HWS) (4/2008) Very accurate replication
Good accuracy
Great detailing
Strictly a six-shooter
1J model, so power down on earlier PEGASUS designs
Finish could be a bit more 'period'
Colt Police Positive Special - Tanaka (11/2007) Usual Tanaka quality
Usual PEGASUS performance
Classic styling
Matt Heavyweight finish not very realistic
Usual PEGASUS gas filling difficulties
No shells, no kick.
Smith & Wesson M29 Springer 6.5" barrel - Crown (9/2006) "Dirty Harry" cool
Working extractor
The full revolver 'experience'.
Cheap finish
Awful grips.
Ruger Super Black Hawk - Marushin (03/2006) Big, heavy, well made
Removable Shells = Realism
Markings a bit lacking
Not very powerful
Removable Shells = only 6 shots per load.
Ruger Super Redhawk .454 Casull 7.5" barrel Midnight blue version - Tanaka (9/2005) Looks and feels great
Dreadful accuracy.
Colt Python Springer 4" barrel - Crown (9/2005) A Colt Python
Working extractor
The full revolver 'experience'.
Power - You're kidding, yes?
Smith & Wesson Model 500 8.375" barrel Silver version - Tanaka (9/2005) The ultimate handgun?
Great finish
Very accurate
Doesn't need the gas adaptor tube!
Too light
frame heavy balance
Too big for some?
Colt Python 6" - Tokyo Marui (1/2005) Availabilty
24 round capacity
Cheap finish.
Disappointing power and accuracy.
Colt Single Action Army Civilian - Tanaka (11/2004) Lovely finish
Unique replica
Just cool!
Single Action
Silver finish picks up every finger mark
Power and accuracy only OK.
Smith & Wesson 629 Performance Center V-Comp - Tanaka (10/2004) Power
More elegeant than the PC629
Less accurate & heavier trigger than PC629
Silver finish on frame wears with contact with cylinder.
Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Magnum - Tanaka (10/2004) Solid build
Excellent replication
Seams on barrel
Not quite as powerful as S&Ws
Smith & Wesson M629 Performance Center - Tanaka (06/2004) Power
Light trigger.
Silver finish wears off with contact.
Smith & Wesson M36 Chief Special - Tanaka (02/2004) Compact
Build quality
Poor accuracy
Limited capactity, compared to bigger Tanaka revolvers
____ Smith & Wesson M29 Classic .44 Magnum 8" barrel - Tanaka(/2003) Power
A little light
Finish not 100%
Smith & Wesson M29 .44 Magnum 6.5" barrel - Tanaka (07/2003) Power
Plastic grips
Blue finish prone to scratching
Taurus Raging Bull .44 Magnum 8.375" barrel (8mm) - Marushin (04/2003) Appearance
Excellent trademarks
Lovely shells
Lowish power
Poor accuracy
Smith & Wesson M19 .357 Magnum 6" barrel - UHC (05/2003) Shells
Low price
Nice finish for price
Appalling power
Zero accuracy

Select Fire Gas Guns

Glock 18C - Tokyo Marui (11/2010) Amazing ROF
Good accuracy
Great aftermarket support
Some plastic parts might wear
A few fake marking might annoy purists
Glock G18 - MGC (3/2007) Replica of early Glock 18
Looks good
Amazing ROF
Closed ejection port
Limited power
Light weight
Vz61 Scorpion - Maruzen (08/2006) Solid feeling
Unusual styling
Decent Accuracy
Good ROF
Maruzen markings
Limited power
magazines hard to find
Jatimatic - Western Arms (02/2005) Interesting shooting experience
Good accuracy
Unusual replica.
Only OK power - although good for its age.
Nasty cheap looking plastic.
Visible seams.
Heckler & Koch MP5K - Maruzen (01/2005) Fantastic ROF
Good accuracy
Good looking.
Limited Power in the cold.
Poor reputation for reliability.
Visible seams.
Beretta Cougar Warrior - Western Arms (09/2004) Great power
Good accuracy
Interesting alternative to usual select fires.
Looks a bit fussy with everything fitted.
Not something you could holster!
Heckler & Koch VP70M - Tanio Koba (06/2004) Burst fire
Included Stock
Rarely replicated gun
Single shot accuracy
Appaling slide finish
More a lookalike than a replica.
KSC M11A1 Cobray Ingram M11 - KSC (04/2004) Excellent build quality
Select fire
Lots of accessories.
Poor sights
Open bolt firing allows dirt in.
Beretta M12S - MGC (02/2004) Select fire
Solidly made
Interesting example of early airsoft.
External gas supply
Spindly magazine
Plasticky finish
Infinity Gigant Strayer Voigt Infinity GIGANT - Western Arms (10/2003) Scope for upgradability
Select fire
Too big to use as a handgun
Too powerful to use in the UK?
Glock 17 & 18C Glock 17 & 18C - KSC (07/2003) Simple design
Lots of upgrades
G18C fussy about BB quality
Plain design
Western Arms SV F Infinity Prokiller 3.9"(06/2003) Solid build
Full auto
Accuracy on semi-auto
Full auto accuracy
Lightweight slide
Beretta M93R - KSC (04/2003) Quality
3 Burst mode
Excellent metal slide upgrade
Fake wood grips
Fake trademarks
Micro UZI -Maruzen (04/2002) Rate of Fire
External finish
Glock 18C - KSC (04/2002) ROF
Affordable metal upgrades.
Fussy about BB quality
Prone to venting gas when low


  Luger P08 - Academy (09/2006) Cheapest Luger around
Cocks using toggle action
Decent build quality for price
Ugly barrel
Limited performance
IMI Desert Eagle Supergrade - KWC (04/2006) GBB quality and weight
Locking slide on empty
Adjustable hop-up
Disappointing performance
__ Masudaya Buffalo SS-2 & Yonezawa Browning Hi-Power 7mms (05/2005) Interesting historically Belong to another age!
CZ75 -Tokyo Marui (04/2005) Excellent finish
Nice trademarks
Good power
Extremely complex internals
Slide hard to rack
Beretta M9 Dolphin - Kang Nam (11/2004) Rarely replicated
Surprisingly accurate
VERY cheap
Poor quality
Weak(ish) power
___ AMT Automag 3 - Tokyo Marui (10/2004) Rarely replicated
Light weight
Awkward styling
___ Glock 17L - Tokyo Marui(07/2004) Power
Light weight
No Hop-up on this version.
__ Colt Delta Elite - KWC (07/2004) Power
Field stripping
Light weight
KWC logos a bit too prominent.
__ Heckler & Koch Mk23 SOCOM - Tokyo Marui (08/2003) Power
Light weight
Accuracy requires heavy BBs
Beretta M93R - Huaying/Snowman Armouries (05/2003) Fun project Not a production gun
H&K USP - HFC (04/2003) Good weight
Working slide lock
Fake trades
Odd colouring
Crude finish
Smith & Wesson PC 356 - Tokyo Marui (03/2003) Excellent quality & finish
Light weight
Vertical back strap uncomfortable
Colt 1911A1 Custom - KWC (02/2003) Field strippable
working grip safety
Working slide lock
Quite light
So-so finish
Fragile magazines
Smith & Wesson M4505 - KWC (01/2003) Slim frame
Rarely replicated gun
Nice grips
Quite light
Sticky slide action
Spindly magazines
Beretta Cougar M8000 - Tokyo Marui (12/2002) Highly detailed
Light weight
Walther P99 - KWC (06/2002) Excellent replica of P99 Not that accurate
Centimeter Master - Tokyo Marui (05/2002) Powerful & Accurate Nasty grey silver finish
Sig Sauer P228 - HFC (05/2002) Heavy
Working slide lock
Crude finish
Awful silver finish
Poor markings
Walther PPK - 3PSA (05/2002) Nice markings Not very powerful or accurate
Glock 17 - KWC (04/2002) Good to shoot
Overly shiney appearance
Beretta M93R - Huaying (04/2002) Nice trademarks
Only 93R replica under $100
Pathetic power and accuracy
IMI Desert Eagle .44 Magnum - UHC (03/2002) Very powerful
Very accurate
Cheap finish
Beretta M9 - UHC (03/2002) Excellent copy of TM M9
Engraving sharpness not quite to TM standard

Electric Powered Pistols & SMGs (EBBs and AEPs)

Beretta M93R AEP - Tokyo Marui (12/2007) Good Accuracy
Decent ROF
Decent build quality and weight
Hard to upgrade
Poor Power
No fun to shoot
MP7A1 MAEG Heckler & Koch MP7A1 MAEG - Tokyo Marui (07/2006) Solidly built
Extensive package, including rails
Decent ROF and accuracy
As expensive as a P90
Not that powerful
Limited upgradability
G18C AEP Glock 18C AEP - Tokyo Marui (06/2005) Solid
Full auto without gas
Good rate of fire.
Power on low end of GBBs
Sterile shooting experience
EBB Glock 18C Glock 18C EBB - Tokyo Marui (11/2004) Sharp moulding
Full auto
Blowback without gas
Terrible 'power'
VERY light
Needs batteries.
___ EBB M9 Beretta M9 Electric Blowback - Unbranded (09/2003) Cheap
Blowback without gas.
cycle speed.

Sundry Items

AI Tornado Grenade Tornado BB Grenade - Airsoft Innovations (05/2008) Build Quality
Great range and spread on hard surfaces
High Capacity (180 BBs)
Needs regular lubrication
Spread not as good on soft surfaces
Not cheapest option
MP5 SD5 AEG Heckler & Koch MP5 SD5 AEG - ICS (03/2006) All metal built
Good rate of fire
Compatible with TM parts.
Limited trademarks
Fragile hop-up rubber (easily replaced)
FN P90 FN P90TR AEG - Tokyo Marui (04/2005) Cool, space-age styling
Good stock power
Small batteries
Too small for some?
VSR10 Prosniper VSR 10 Prosniper Rifle - Tokyo Marui (11/2004) Great price
Lots of features & upgrades
Good stock power
Not top quality
AEG FAMAS FA-MAS AEG - Tokyo Marui (11/2004) Reliable
Good rate of fire.
Compact and solid
Limited upgrades available
Looks not to everyone's taste.
CA 870 CQB Remington CA870 CQB Shotgun - Maruzen (11/2004) Solid
Powerful spring
Looks good
Difficult to aim at distance
Flimsy magazine
Maruzen CA870 Remington CA870 Sawn Off Shotgun - Maruzen (09/2003) Solid
Powerful spring
Cheap looking finish
Flimsy magazine
MP40 ERMA MP40 Springer -Double Eagle (09/2003) Accurate shape
Good detailing for price
Limited power and accurate range.

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