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Heckler & Koch Mk23 SOCOM - Tokyo Marui

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Heckler & Koch P3000 (Raid 400) - WinGun

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Taurus 24/7 (Sport 106) - WinGun

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Mauser M712 Broomhandle - HFC

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Mauser M712 - Marushin

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Beretta 92F - Marushin

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Steyr GB - Tokyo Marui

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Browning M1910 - Marushin

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Derringer and COP .357 - Marushin

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Ruger Mk1 - KJW

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Bren Ten - Marushin

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Walther P38 - Marushin

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Smith & Wesson 4506 - Maruzen

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AMT Automag .44 - Marushin

Ever since I saw that Marushin were releasing the Automag in 8mm form I'd been hoping and waiting. The release date slipped 3 months, but, finally, there it was on Guns N Guys' website - The order went in and GnG's normal excellent service meant it was here in a couple of days.

Unusual airsoft pistol, with few details, making it seem a bit unrealistic.

First impressions were a bit disappointing. The grips are a bit flimsy and flex under your grip and the black finish (I've already got a big silver gun ) is a bit dull and matt, no worse than my Mauser, but more noticeable on a such a big gun (and it's BIG - The box is the same size as my 8.375" Raging Bull and it pretty much fills the box), whilst the paint on the metal parts looks unevenly applied. The gun also feels a bit light (Endoshoji claim 850g, which is not bad, but it doesn't feel heavy).

On the positive side, the (few) AMT trademarks are beautifully detailed (Marushin markings are limited and small) and the metal sights (rear) are adjustable (very like the Raging Bull ones), although the foresight is almost impossible to see against a dark target.

Trademarks are nicely replicated, but few.

Finally to the REAL proof of the pudding. I loaded half a dozen 8mm BBs and gave the mag a squirt of AE Winter gas (It's about 12 degrees C here today). I put a Coke can up about 4 or 5 feet away and took aim.

The BB went straight through both sides of the can! My Tanaka can do this at half that range (to be fair, I've not tried at the same range), but that shoots little 6mm BBs - The 8mm ones spread their force much more widely. Seems the Automag lives up to expectations on the power front - This has to be one of the most powerful (unmodified) airsoft pistols around. I didn't have a Chrono at the time, but I still believe it was more powerful than any of my other NBBs.

A lot of gun for your money!

Accuracy, totally subjectively, seems good - I hit the can every time, in poor light and given the comments about a dark target.

Weight : 960g

Realism : ***
Quality : ****
Power : *****
Accuracy : *****

Real Steel link at World Guns

Real Steel link at AutomagPistol.com

Colt .25 - 3PSA

Neat little peashooter - Solidly made and fires 7 BBs!

This 3PSA branded, little peashooter was my very first gas gun. I had a couple of springers, but really fancied something that I didn't have to cock every shot.

The little Colt really is TINY, only my second finger rests on the grip with my first on the trigger.

This is an old/cheap style NBB, where the gas goes in the grip and the magazine is just a thin strip, just wide enough for a single stack of 7 BBs. Whilst this is annoyingly unrealistic on a big handgun (like the Desert Eagle or Colt 1911 by TM), it really doesn't detract from the Colt's appeal much.

In use the gun is no SOCOM or Mauser, but it works. The sights consist of a long groove in the top of the (fixed) slide with a single blade at the end, but they do the job at the range the gun works at, which is comparable with the better springers. There's no Hop-Up (of course), but the gun is either cast of metal or very strong ABS and the detail is moulded very well, including the Colt trademarks on the grip and slide.

For a concealed skirmish weapon this makes a lot of sense. It's cheap to buy, 7 rounds is enough for the purpose and it's nicely made. It also makes a pretty good collector's piece as the detailing and finish are much better than you'd expect for the typical price and there are few airsoft pistols of this type to choose from.

Over 5 shots, the Colt .25 averaged 191fps (using 134a gas) indoors (around 21C).

Shot      FPS
1 190.3
2 195.4
3 193.5
4 188.7
5 192.2

Weight : 180g

Realism : ***
Quality : ***
Power : ***
Accuracy : ***

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