Airsoft guns are very safe, IF USED SENSIBLY.

They have nowhere near the power of regular air guns (let alone REAL firearms or shotguns) and CANNOT (despite lots of disinformation) be modified to fire real ammunition (that is the realm of metal replicas and blank firers).


In the UK, the generally observed power limit for airsoft guns is 1 Joule, which is 328fps with a .2g BB.

Heavier BBs must fire at a slower fps rate to deliver 1J - You cannot simply use heavier BBs to reach the 328fps figure and achieve an acceptable power figure.

Some sites permit sniper rifles to fire at up to 500 fps with, sensibly, further restrictions on Minimum Engagement Distances (MED) for such guns. Being hit by a 500fps gun at close range could be painful and potentially dangerous.

Chronograph - Used to test airsoft weapon power.
Chronograph - Used to test airsoft weapon power. This one available from


You should ALWAYS wear eye protection at the very least. It wouldn't be intelligent to lose the use of one or more of your eyes just to play a game now would it? I didn't think so. Make sure that you are using high endurance goggles that can withstand the impact of a plastic airsoft BB at whatever FPS limit you have established. It's a good idea to test whatever goggles you are planning on using by shooting at them from about 5-10 feet away PRIOR to using them in a Airsoft game. This way you know for sure that they will be strong enough.

Goggles are a cheap way to protect eyes - These are available from

Masks are even more protective then Goggles and if you dont mind wearing one then you should do so. There are a wide variety of Paintball masks on the market currently so you shouldn't have any difficulty in finding one that you like. Considering that paintballs on the average have a more powerful impact then a 6mm plastic Airsoft bb you should be safe using most of them.

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Masks provide better protection to the whole face - This one is available from

Finally, NEVER ever remove your eye protection while on the field or still in a game. If you are seen without your eye protection on you will be considered "killed" for purposes of the game and, depending on the hosts, may be asked to leave permanently!


Unless you are a glutton for pain you should plan on wearing a long sleeve shirt, full length pants, boots, and gloves when you play Airsoft. Although you wont be seriously hurt by getting hit by an Airsoft BB in these areas (even up close) it's still smart to cover as much of your skin as possible because taking a hit on bare skin can result in a bleeding injury. Even a long sleeve cotton shirt can greatly reduce the chance of a nasty hit happening. Ideally you'll want to get ahold of old military fatigues or BDU's. These are ideal for use in Airsoft games. Because you are usually only revealing your head/weapon/hands to the enemy you are strongly encouraged to wear gloves as well. Padded gloves are the best.


Whenever you are in the designated safe zone ALWAYS keep your airsoft gun's safety on and it's barrel plugged if you have access to any plugs. This will prevent accidental discharges of your weapon in areas that people have their masks and protective clothing removed. If you want to test fire your weapon then do so outside of the safe-zone. Failure to comply with this rule may get you banned from a particular plying location.

At home, be aware that firing your airsoft gun within 15 metres of a public place (eg a road) constitutes an offence.

For more legal information regarding airsoft in the UK, see this information on UK law regarding airguns..


No-one with half a brain and the ability to watch TV or read the paper can fail to notice the very bad press 'replicas' are currently getting (Ironically as the result of killings with REAL firearms!).

For all sorts of reasons DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE EVER BRANDISH AN AIRSOFT WEAPON IN A PUBLIC PLACE! DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT TO USE AN AIRSOFT WEAPON IN A THREATING MANNER AS IF IT WERE A "REAL" WEAPON! It's already clearly stated in the UK Law that if you use an Airsoft gun as if it were a real gun then you will be charged and tried as if it were actually a real gun!

The Police MAY well KILL you (with justification) if you brandish your airsoft gun in public. It'll be the end of you, and probably airsoft, if it happens and it just is NOT worth it. BBs might sting a bit, but a 9mm round probably won't - You'll be dead before you feel it hit you....You have been warned!


As a rule of thumb, treat ANY airsoft gun, even the lowliest spring pistol, as if it were a real gun capable of lethal force.

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