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I have tested quite a few airsoft pistols over the last couple of years, but I've barely scratched the surface of what's available.

To give you a taste of what else is out there, I've decided to introduce this page which covers guns I've not had a chance to test (and may well never do), but which strike me as worthy of one, for a variety of reasons.

Makarov and Tokarev TT33 - WE

WE Makarov


After years with virtually no Eastern Bloc sidearms, there's now a Makarov and a usable TT33.

WEs can be a bit agricultural, but that's probably not an issue with Communist weapons.

Smith & Wesson M&P - TM


This gun has come to the market since I stopped reviewing, but as real steel it's always appealed to me more than the Tupperware Glocks.

Coming from Tokyo Marui, you expect it to shoot well, but I've not yet had a chance to find out how well.

Let me know if you'd like to lend me one to review.

Real Steel link at World Guns

Mauser 712 GBB - WE

WE 712

I've always been a fan of the way the Mauser C96/712 looks and the affordable, all-metal GBB one from WE sounds like a hoot!

If anyone has one they care to lend me to review, let me know!

Real Steel link at World Guns

134 Minigun - Piper

Piper Minigun

You really need to see this to believe it, so follow this link , but basically it's a 21st century Gatling gun.

With multiple barrels and a constant airflow it just fires whilst the (electrically powered) barrels pass the flow.

Check out the videos of one working and you'll see what airsoft can do (for a price!)

Knights Armament SPR - G&P

This Armalite model really appeals to me.

G&P's AEGs have a mixed reputation - Great guns, with flawed internals, but the SPR/SR25 models really appeal to me.

Weight : 4,600g

Real Steel link at World Guns

Walther P38 - Maruzen

Classic design basis for many current autos.

The archetypal Nazi sidearm (although everyone still thinks it was the Luger!), the P38 is a classic handgun design from Walther.

It continued in service after the war as the P1 and if you doubt it's influence, look at a Beretta 92 or a SIG P226.

The Maruzen P38 is a great looking gun - A worthy stablemate to the lovely (if flawed) P99 - and looks especially good in the silver finish.

Weight : 720g

Real Steel link at World Guns

Walther PPK - Maruzen

Sleek, elegant and a real GBB

Very James Bond, but the PPK remains one of the most elegant guns ever produced.

The Maruzen PPK seems to have a reasonable reputation and I've nearly bought one a number of times.

Impressively, too, they have managed to squeeze 22BBs into the magazine.

Weight : 380g

Real Steel link at World Guns

Nambu - Marushin

Not yet available.

Often mistaken for a Luger, the Nambu was Japan's WWII sidearm.

Marushin announced this for a 2004 release in 8mm NBB form.

They have modelled a working cocking action, which, hopefully, will mean it won't be the tactile disappointment the Automag was.

Weight : N/a

Real Steel link at World Guns

Smith & Wesson 4505 - Tanaka

Another 'classic' GBB, but this is here because I like the S&W M4505/6 so much.

As far as I can tell, this is the only GBB version of the gun that was ever made. I once had one on order from Endoshoji, but they were unable to obtain it. If you have one, get in touch!

Weight : 700g(?)

Real Steel link at World Guns

CZ75 - KSC

CZ 75

Just about the only former-Eastern Block handgun going (if you ignore Hudson's rare and, reportedly, fragile TT33), the CZ75 is based upon the Browning Hi-Power and looks a handsome gun.

Like the Sig 2009, this is not a rare gun, but one I have yet to try out (except for an already broken TM springer).

Weight : 725g

Real Steel link at World Guns

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