Airsoft Accuracy Testing

I decided to carry out some comparative accuracy tests.

I won't pretend these were very scientific, but they are a REASONABLE reflection of the kind of accuracy that the average shooter could expect to achieve with these guns.

I tried to keep all the tests consistent in terms of distance, target type, grip used, number of rounds and type of ammunition, at least between weapon types.

Basically, all shooting was carried out indoors at a range of approximately 18 feet (5 meters), against an A4 silhouette target (about 1/3 size, I guess), firing 6 rounds. I used a double handed grip in all cases and I'm left handed.

I have now carried out quite a few tests and it got me thinking as to which was the best guns, in terms of accuracy.

You can find the tabulated results on this page.

Notes on the following tests.

The tests on this page were carried out very early in my involvement with airsoft, and especially in the evolution of this site.

The process is basically the same as carried out for each and every gun now, but these test relate only to a handful guns available to me at the time (DumboRAT's tests are more exhaustive), so consider that if you read relative statements of accuracy. They only apply to the few guns tested here or, more generally, to a limited number I had experience of at the time.


Tests of Non-Hop-Up Springers and Hop-Up Springers - See the results here.

Gas Gun Tests

DumboRAT's tests of a wide selection of NBB and GBB pistols - See the results here.

SOCAL Airsoft's tests using a longer range and different targets, but interesting nonetheless - - See the results here.

NBB Gas Guns

My NBB Gas gun tests - See the results here.

GBB Gas Guns

My GBB tests - See the results here.

Full-Auto Gas Guns

My Full-auto gas handgun tests - See the results here.

Relative BB weights

Cobalt Blue on Airsoft Ohio has run a couple of tests to compare the relative accuracy of .2, .23 and .25 gram BBs - Read his reports here.

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