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The guns selected were :

  • KSC Beretta Elite
  • KSC Glock 18C
  • KSC Beretta M93R II

The ammunition used for this test was .25g BBs. I used AE Winter Gas (somewhere between HFC134a and HFC22) and the ambient temperature was 62F (16.5C).

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First shots, aimed, as all the others at the Aim Point, were from my long time favourite GBB, the KSC Beretta Elite. This is the only semi-automatic only gun here, both the others boasting full-auto operation as well.
All shots fell within a 3 inch (7.5cm) diameter and 5 of the shots were in a 1.75" inch (4.5 cm) diameter.
The Hop-Up was not optimised with any testing, but the majority of shots were vertically aligned with the aim point (one fell low, which I suspect was me being lazy and dropping the gun too quickly on the last shot, ready to move onto the next subject), but all were aligned left of the target, which suggests 'thumbing' on my part (squeezing the thumb into the grip as I fire) or an issue with the accuracy. Some of the other tests with GBBs showed the same pattern, though, so I suspect the fault is mine.

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Next I moved onto the Glock 18C. For this test, the selector was switched to semi-automatic mode.
All shots fell within a 2 inch (6 cm) radius. 4 (in two closely grouped pairs) were dead centre (albeit a fraction low of the aim point) in a near straight line 1.5 inches (4 cm) across. I felt this was very good and contrasted with DumboRAT's results with the same gun.

target9.jpg - 249499 Bytes
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Finally, I gassed and loaded my KSC Beretta M93r II.
Once again the shots were slightly left of target, but the accuracy was again good, with the grouping being just 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) across for all 6 rounds. 3 of the rounds, 1.75 inches (4.5 cm) apart, were in the centre of the target, with a similar grouping slightly higher and to the left.


The impressive accuracy of the GBBs can be put down to two factors, their power and, more significantly (I believe), their light triggers. I suspect the tendency to fire left (on the two Berettas) is down to the way I fire the gun, but the groupings were still impressive, I felt, even discounting failings on my part.

As two of these guns are semi-auto and full auto, I then proceeded to test them in full-auto mode - You can see those results here

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