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Wilson Combat CQB - Western Arms

The Wilson Combat CQB is a SCW gas system, single stack 1911, like much of Western Arms' recent output.

Olive frame is unusual.

This gun arrived in a consignment with a Magna R system Wilson Combat Striker, which made an interesting comparison.

The particular version that I received for testing was the standard, olive drab framed version, but there is also a limited production all black gun around.

In the Box

If you have seen a 1911 from WA (or even read another review), the contents of the grey SCW box will be very familiar.

SCW box holds no surprises.

As well as the gun, there is a barrel bushing spanner, bag of BBs, an Allen key for the hop-up and a few pieces of paper including the generic SCW single stacker 1911 manual.

First Impressions

The Western Arms Wilsons are very smart airsoft pistols. This particular gun features a black slide and olive drab frame.

Finish and attention to detail to WA's usual excellent standards.

This is contrasted with a silver magazine and polished metal outer barrel and bushing. It might sound a little garish, but it looks good and utilitarian and makes an interesting (and attractive) change from the usual black and silver. It certainly, to my eyes, works very well, much better than the gold guns and finishes like the Brushed Nickel seen on some Infinities.

Slide open, slim 1911 barrel is visible.

Looking on the Wilson Combat website, it is noticable that the CQB is a real gun (credit to WA for that) and that the WA version is an impressive looking replication

Closer Look

The olive drab finish is painted on and might explain the issue I had when I came to field strip the gun. I found it impossible to push the, usually quite compliant, slide lock through the frame and, as the gun is not mine, I resisted using much pressure, but it certainly did not seem keen to come apart, which I have not encountered with other WA 1911s, either double or single stackers.

CQB logo is faithfully replicated.

The finish extends to most metal controls, including the slide lock, grip and thumb safety (only a right handed one, sadly) and magazine release.

Controls painted to match frame. Black grips bear Wilson medallions.

Markings are slightly more prevalent on the CQB than some other 1911s. On the left side, the rail is marked "WILSON COMBAT". On the right hand side, the slide bears the abbreviaton "CQB", whilst the frame is marked "WILSON COMBAT BERRYVILLE AR. U.S.A." above the grip and there is a small AGSK and WA above the trigger (as is common on WA 1911 frames). The grips (black on the CQB) bear a gold Wilson medallion each and the barrel bushing has "WILSON'S" stamped into. The chamber cover bear the marking "WILSON .45 ACP".

Magazine buffer is well replicated, but makes it a nightmare to fill!

The magazine is, unfortunately, the same unit I received with the Vreaker. As with that gun, I found it impossible to fill with Abbey gas (134a or Ultra) or Cybergun Winter gas. Only the HFC Super Power green gas (which I believe is 134a) has a gas nozzle long enough to reach through the buffer to valve. Why Western Arms didn't simply extend the valve down to the end of the buffer (as they do with the Elite 2 magazine) is beyond me. If you are going to buy this gun, my advice is to get standard 1911 magazines for spares and just keep the Wilson buffer magazine for display.

Frame and slide contrast as on Wilson's original.

The trigger is the same unit seen on the Striker, but is black on the CQB.

Wilson, like Beretta, acknowledge the licensing agreement with Western Arms on their website and the CQB is the model specifically singled out for attention.

The sights are almost identical to the Vreaker and Striker, with three white dots arranged over a Wilson Combat marked Novak style rear and a single, dovetailed in, blade.

Shooting Impressions

The SCW system in 1911s delivers a very sharp cycling action and the CQB is no exception making it seem a powerful gun with a good 'kick'.

Click on image for bigger version in separate window.

Carrying out my standard 5m/6 round, off hand test, I was able to place all 6 rounds in a 2.5 inch (6 CM) diameter with absolutely no practise. The closest 5 rounds were all within 1.75 inch (4.5 CM) and all shots were in or very close to the central target area.

I almost certainly could have improved the accuracy with more practice, making this a very accurate gun for target or skirmish work.

Over 10 shots, the CQB averaged 276 fps with .2g BBs (using 134a gas outdoors at around 20C).

Shot      FPS
1 291.9
2 284.6
3 289.8
4 273.4
5 272.7
6 266.5
7 250.8
8 264.7
9 286.4
10 285.1

This was around 10 fps (or 5%) better than the similar, but Magna R equipped, Wilson Striker, suggesting the SCW system has a small advantage in terms of power.

Take Down

The CQB is a traditional 1911, and takes down in the normal way for a 1911.

The inability to, easily, remove the slide lock on this example meant I wasn't able to field strip it even to slide and frame level, though, but it would be exactly like any other WA 1911.

With the magazine out, the slide should be moved back until the slide lock can be pushed out of the frame. The slide and barrel can then be slid off of the front of the frame.

The barrel bushing should be rotated 45 degrees anti-clockwise, it can then be removed. The recoil bushing will pop out, with the spring.

The outer barrel and chamber can then be drawn out through the front of the slide.


The Wilson CQB ranks as one of the best airsoft pistols produced.

Great replica of a functional looking weapon.

The olive frame is an interesting option for a tactical 1911 and, as usual, the overall quality is high.

Wilson's stamped into bushing.

The accuracy is highly impressive and the SCW system is always impressive in the 1911 models.

Match that up with Wilson's own praise for the accurate replication of the gun and it is hard to think what more you could want.

Except, perhaps, magazines you can fill from widely available gas cans...

Weight : 860g

Realism : *****
Quality : *****
Power : ****
Accuracy : *****

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