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Strayer Voigt Infinity Prokiller 3.9" - Western Arms

Within two weeks of getting my Infinity 5", I had two Western Arms pistols!
My second one was a select fire version, a Prokiller SV F3.9, which is the same size as a 5" Infinity, but has a shortened slide (3.9" long, from 3.9" barreled versions) and a removable, fixed barrel block with a threaded end for a silencer.

Unlike the Infinity Ltd range, the Prokiller doesn't exist in 'real steel' form. a full auto .45 ACP pistol would be virtually uncontrollable!

In the Box

My Prokiller was swapped with someone for my Glock 18C and its 49 round magazine as the other party wanted a gun small enough to fit a chest holster on an assault vest.

Infinity Prokiller SVF 3.9 inch.

The manual was missing, but the loading tool and Hop-Up adjustment allen key were included. Otherwise, all that was in the plain box was the Prokiller.

First Impressions

At first sight, it looks just like my 5" Infinity. This gun was in better condition than my 5" when I got it, with no scratches anywhere, just like new really.
The most notable difference is the threaded barrel end, which permits the attachment of a 14mm threaded silencer and the fact that the chamber is black, rather than silver in colour in the ejection port.

Rail, barrel block and silencer adapter.

Closer Look

A closer examination reveals the fixed barrel block to which the threaded barrel end is fitted. This is metal and affixed to the 5" extended dustcover by two allen bolts from beneath. This part can be removed and replaced with a RIS version which allows fitting of torches, lasers and the like. To accommodate this in the 5" frame, the slide is only 3.9" long and the standard sights are fixed to it front and rear - Unlike the 5", the sights have white dots for quick target acquisition.
The slide lock is bigger, and easier to use, than that on the Infinity and the right side hammer safety is gone, replaced by a selector switch - Down for semi-auto, Up for full-auto. For a left hander, this is really good as a slight flick of the thumb gives you control. The interchangeable triggers are gone too, replaced by a fixed black one, of a similar design.

Note larger slide release, foresight on shortened slide and barrel block fixed to dustcover.

Also missing is the grip safety, replaced by a fixed panel, presumably to make the internal mechanism less complex or to accommodate the extra full auto mechanism. Personally, I quite like the lack of this feature.

Shooting Impressions

In semi auto mode the Prokiller 3.9 is just like a 5" Limited. I fired off a few magazines and consistently hit within a 3-4 inch diameter with every shot.
I then carried out the 6 round, 5 metre test I do for all my guns. Accuracy was even better than the 5" Limited, which I put down to the lighter, shorter slide, which noticeably reduces the kick.

Click on image for bigger version in separate window.

All rounds were dead centre and within a 5 cm (Two inch) diameter. By now, I was used to the Infinity performance, so I didn't need to carry out any further tests. However, it was good to see that accuracy wasn't compromised by the changes to the Infinity design.

Right hand safety replaced by Selector switch.

I switched, briefly, to full auto and was a little disappointed. Compared with the Glock 18C, the rate of fire seems slow and accuracy is poor. This later factor is even more disappointing when compared to the KSC Beretta M93R, with it's steadying handle. If you want an accurate full auto gun, my initial feeling is look elsewhere, but I'll practice a bit more with the gun before producing any 'definitive' accuracy tests in full auto.


The Prokiller 3.9" is a great gun. WA quality, a manageable sized gun, great semi-auto accuracy and the fall back option of full auto.

Side by  Side - Note selector, rail, lightened, shortened slide, lack of grip safety, one-piece trigger and simpler sights on Prokiller (Above).

I don't skirmish with my guns at the moment, but my feeling is that as a full auto handgun, you'd be better off choosing something from the KSC range (A Glock or a Beretta M93R), but for a semi-auto gun, it's just as good as an Infinity Semi-Auto, and gives you the last ditch option of spraying the enemy.
The optional RIS attachment and rail will appeal to many and the dotted sights are certainly nicer to use than the unmarked ones on my 5" Ltd.

Prokiller stripped down - Barrel block must be removed by undoing allen bolts under dustcover, before moving slide back and pushing slide lock through frame.

A worthy alternative to a 5" Infinity Semi Auto, but perhaps not your first point of call for a Select Fire pistol, due to, seemingly, poor accuracy.

Weight : 1020g

Realism : ****
Quality : ****
Power : ****
Accuracy : *****/*** - Full Auto

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