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Glock 19 - KWA

The KSC Glock 19 is almost universally hailed as the best 'all-round' GBB - Affordable, reliable, robust, compact and simple.

However, my experience was brief and far from sweet.

Appearance is different to KSC G19 - Probably truer to Glock.

I was tempted to buy another used KSC G19, when someone on the forum pointed out that Airsoft Armoury was selling the very similar KWA G19, with a metal slide and a 12 months warranty for just 25 more!

With no further ado, I rang AA and the next day (as promised) the KWA G19 was in my hands.

In the Box

The box contained the gun, a new style KSC hop adjuster, a few BBs and a KSC g17 manual and a KSC G19 parts diagram.

Smart enough box and KSC literature.

The inside of the box lid contained an insert with KSC logos and three small targets, but the exterior of the box was prominently branded KWA.

First Impressions

I am going to say one thing, right now. The KSC G19 and the KWA G19 are NOT identical.

Just so you're in no doubt!

The KSC/KWA relationship is the subject of much discussion on the forums and there is no doubt that KWA guns are very similar to KSC ones (as evidenced by the provision of KSC manuals), but the very first thing evident to me was that the frame of the KWA G19 is made of ABS like the KSC G17 and G18C and not the heavyweight, slightly green hued, material of the KSC G19. Some have pointed out on the forums that the KSC G19 frame is less like the real thing than the 17/18C, but if that feel is what you want from a G19, do not buy the KWA.

Magazine will fit 26, but not bigger 17/18C. Holds 20 rounds

Next thing, of course, is that the slide is metal. Being brand new this looked good. The Glock logo is a pretty poor approximation of the real thing, but at least they've had a go. Glock have been very litigious over recent years, so you can't really blame them. AA suggested that the metal slide guns are put together by their supplier and NOT by KWA themselves.

There's no Glock marking on the grip (but there isn't on the KSC either) and, externally, only the slide lock is metal, aside from the slide.

On a totally personal note, I don't particularly like the size of the 19, finding a bit small to be comfortable. For me, the 17/18/34 grip is a better size.

Closer Look

Stripping down the KWA G19, you find some of the features which are widely praised in the KSC G19. The metal recoil rod and the metal load ramp being notable amongst these.

Although the frame is plastic, there's plenty of metal work inside and, as with a KSC Glock, the slide rails are metal.

Finish is pretty good, but the slide markings just don't look very realistic.

The frame, though black, like the 17, feels more solid, but as you can see, it does not photo 'green' as some have suggested it will, and the KSC G19 does.

I would be interested to know if anyone could carry out a comparison - The frame, less magazine, barrel, slide, etc of my KWA weighs 200g, if someone could weigh their KSC frame alone, I would be very interested in the results.

UPDATE December 2004

Rob (aka rr3.9 on ASCUK) provided the answers :

KWA frame = 215g (+/- 5g)
KSC frame = 330g (+/- 5g)

The frames were identically prepared before weighing, topslide 
removed, but otherwise fully functional. The only upgrade carried out,
to BOTH frames, was the fitment of a Guarder metal mag catch, which 
will have added no more than 10g or so to the weight of both frames.

So, there you are, conclusive evidence, at last! His figure of 215g (with the 10g metal mag catch) tallies with my 200g for the KWA frame I had. The KSC frame is 50%+ heavier.

Markings are rare on the frame, with just the typical Glock under frame silver plate, bearing the code "CQP471US" relieving the black. The right side of the frame also bears the text "MIL SPEC STANDARD"/"NSN 1005-66-132-7731" at the top of the grip and "US Lot 4.539.889"/"4.825.744 4.893.546" towards the bottom of the grip.

Seam marks acceptable on Glocks and H&Ks!

The slide is more detailed, with the Glock-alike logo on the left side along with "19", "AUSTRIA" and "9X19".

On the right side of the slide, the "CQP471" code is repeated, under the ejection port, along with some proof marks behind it.

In the ejection port, the chamber is marked "CQP471", followed by an Austria Adler, some proofing marks and "CSK"

The top of the chamber is engraved with 9x19. Every mark on the slide is picked out in white, which is distinctive, but a little fake and showy looking.

Metal 'hardkick' nozzle just visible in ejection port.

The magazine base does not bear the Glock logo, as the Glock 17 and 18C do.

The trigger is the distinctive two part Glock trigger and is made of plastic, as it is on all KSC's Glocks.

The sights are typical Glock, with a square groove, outlined in white on the fixed rear site and a white dot on the foresight. Typically, again, there is no adjustment.

The disassembly catches and magazine release are plastic on the G19 and the latter often wear down on airsoft Glocks, although metal replacements are available quite cheaply.

Shooting Impressions

Click on image for bigger version in separate window.

Carrying out my standard 5m/6 round, off hand test, the 6 shots fell in a 3 inch (8 CM) radius. However, all but one were in a more impressive 2 inch (5 CM) radius, just to the left of the aim point. Certainly good enough for workable skirmish accuracy.

Cluster in lighter area.

Loading up 20 rounds into the magazine and firing rapidly saw the vast majority of rounds fall within a 2 inch (5 CM) radius, suggesting the outlier in the 6 round test was more due to my shooting than the gun's accuracy. Most rounds, however, fell left of the aim point, which might suggest that the rear site was slightly offset, something which is easy to address.

Over 10 shots, the KWA G19 averaged 305fps (using 134a gas) indoors (around 25C).

Shot      FPS
1 310.3
2 302.5
3 303.4
4 309.9
5 307.8
6 308.3
7 301.0
8 303.5
9 299.0
10 303.1

Take Down

Disassembly of the G19 is exactly the same as any other Glock.
After removing the magazine, hold down the two disassembly catches over the trigger and slide the slide back and then forward.
The whole slide, recoil rod and barrel assembly will slide forward off the frame. The recoil rod and spring can be removed and then the barrel can be slide forward through the slide and then down and back to remove it from the slide.


Airsofters fall into two camps regarding GBB pistols. One camp are looking for a robust, no-nonsense sidearm for skirmish use when their AEG runs out of battery or BBs. This group will love the KWA Glock 19.

The other camp, however, are looking for realism and high quality finish. These people will be less enamoured of the KWA. The detailing of the slide, whilst the overall finish is good, is disappointingly unrealistic looking and lends a toy like look to the gun. To these people, if desperate for a Glock 19, I'd suggest getting the KSC one, as it looks much more realistic.

Remarkably KSC like, except for the frame material.

For the price, however, the KWA Glock 19 with metal slide and outer barrel is hard to fault as a casual plinker or skirmish sidearm, especially when you take into account the 12 months warranty.

Weight : 700g

Realism : ***
Quality : ***
Power : ****
Accuracy : ***

Real Steel link at World Guns

Airsoft Armoury - Source for the KWA 19 in the UK

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