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Strayer Voigt Infinity Xcelerator Fluted Black - Western Arms

Strayer Voigt's Infinities are highly respected double stack 1911 variants and Western Arm's version of the model design for Practical Pistol shooting's "Limited" class has long been acclaimed as one of the very best airsoft GBBs in existence.

Really just a more modern version of the 5 inch Ltd

In recent years, SVIs have evolved to include a fluted and railed lower frame and this gun is Western Arm's replica of the 5" double stacker in the 'Xcelerator form'.

In the Box

Anyone familiar with a WA Infinity will recognise the box and its contents. The gun is held in a polystyrene bed, which I always find prone to damage along its upper edge, just from removal and replacement of the gun or even transit, since the gun can move towards the top a bit.

Familiar non-SCW WA box and contents.

Also present is a tube, hopper and rod loader,a small bag of BBs, a couple of Allen keys (one for the hop up, the other for the interchangeable triggers), two different profile triggers and a bag of manuals and warranty paperwork.

First Impressions

I find it quite hard to have first impressions about this Infinity, as I've seen so many similar guns. However, the solid metal frame and overall air of quality still stands out.

Rail and fluting prominent of front of frame - note gold barrel.

What does catch your eye on this gun, is the gold, going on bronze, chamber cover. This hue extends all the way along the barrel and, whilst it clashes rather frighteningly on the silver slided, burgundy highlighted Compact, it looks great on this, otherwise, all black gun.

Magwell is not fitted to the 5 inch Limited.

Otherwise, externally, there is little to distinguish this from a 5" Ltd Infinity, except the fluting and rail on the front of the frame. For some this will appeal, and it could be useful in CQB skirmishing (where a tac light might be useful), but I find it a little fussy compared with the plain Limiteds. As the Limited's seem to come and go in production, you can take your pick.

There's also a magwell on this gun, which is not present on the 5" Limited, but is on the 6" version.

As expected, the frame, trigger, hammer, safeties (grip and, ambidextrous, thumb), slide lock, outer barrel and sights are all metal on this Infinity, as they are on all double Stack Infinities.

Closer Look

The SV Infinity range is based upon the trusty Colt 1911, but much has been changed.

Whilst the slide is pretty similar to a 1911, the frame and grip are replaced with a metal frame and plastic, double stacker grip (giving a massive 30 round capacity in 6mm BB form) and the bushing which normally holds the barrel in, is replaced by a mechanism much closer to a Browning Hi-Power (although the Infinity has a recoil guide rod, like a Beretta).

Gold finish on chamber cover and barrel is excellent.

The Xcelerator is technically very similar to the older Ltd models, but has a few exterior differences. Most notable is the rail and fluting on the front of the frame.

rail and fluted frame differentiate this from a Limited.

Large magwell is removable.

Unlike the 5" Ltd, there is a magwell, too, on the Xcelerator, but otherwise it is a typical WA Infinity, with all the quality, reliability and upgradeability that implies.

White dotted sights are easy to use and adjustable.

The sights on this gun are the adjustable Bo-Mar rear and white dotted blade familiar from other Infinities, whilst there is an ambidextrous thumb safety, as on the Ltd.

Most of the guns controls are black, highlighting contrast with gold parts.Note Bo-Mar trades on sight.

The smart gold chamber and barrel look good against the black of the frame, slide and controls, but sadly, WA skimped a bit and the interchangeable trigger is silver as is the recoil rod. Doing these in gold would have really completed this gun. I have never seen the almost bronze hued gold available on aftermarket parts, so look after them well.

Front sight dovetailed. Gold cone barrel not matched with gold recoil rod, sadly.

Markings on the gun are typical Infinity, with the slide marked "INFINITY" on the left and right, the SV logo on the right side of the frame, above the trigger and the simple SV logos on either side of the grip. There are WA and ASGK markings just ahead of the SV logo on the frame. The chamber cover is marked "INFINITY .45 ACP".

Interchangable triggers and provided, but why not gold?

The gun also features the interchangeable trigger system and comes with 3 different profile triggers.

As I've said before, aside from the colouring, this is just an update on the familiar Ltds, but none the worse for that.

Some people like the fussier styling with the fluting and many will appreciate the rail.

Shooting Impressions

The kick and power of all the medium and large sized Infinities places them amongst the most enjoyable GBBs to shoot.

Click on image for bigger version in separate window.

Carrying out my standard 5m/6 round, off hand test, I achieved a grouping of 2 inches (5 CM). This was formed of two groups of 3, one directly in the centre of the target and the other to the left of centre. It's quite likely that I shifted my aim without realising it. Each group was under an inch across in itself.

Over 10 shots, the Xcelerator averaged 303fps (using winter gas and .2g BBs) outdoors (around 19C).

Shot      FPS
1 320.2
2 310.8
3 310.2
4 305.7
5 306.1
6 300.1
7 298.7
8 295.9
9 293.3
10 289.0

Take Down

Take down on an Infinity is more complex than a standard 1911 style gun, like the Wilson CQB.

With the magazine removed, the slide should be slide back until the slide lock can be pushed out of the frame. At this point, the slide, barrel and recoil rod/spring can be pushed forward off of the frame.

To remove the barrel from the slide, you must separate the two halves of the recoil rod and pull the front through the front of the slide bushing. This done, the rear half, barrel and chamber can be pushed back and down out of the slide.


Overall, the Xcelerator 5" is as good as you would expect of a mid sized Infinity. If you want a rail or prefer the fluted frame design, this is the one to pick.

5 inch Infinity a great all round choice.

The gold barrel and chamber are very attractive, but I have never seen metal replacements in this colour, and the chamber cover, at least will wear with use.

I would pick this gun over the garish, silver slided version, as it looks much more stylish to my eyes.

It is probably fair to say that any WA Infinity will be good, you just need to decide which suits your taste best. The 5" has many advantages over the 6" in terms of compactness and is more accurate than the 3.9", so is probably the sensible choice for anyone undecided on which model to buy.

Weight : 1080g

Realism : ****
Quality : *****
Power : ****
Accuracy : ****

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