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The Violent Crime Reduction Act and Airsoft in the UK.

Like what you see here and are in the UK? Be aware that new legislation introduced in 2007 makes it much harder to obtain airsoft replicas than was the case before.

The Violent Crime Reduction Act has been effective since October 1st 2007.

It states that the sales, importation and manufacture of realistic imitation firearms (that airsoft guns mostly are), is illegal.

Airsoft players (skirmishers) have a specific defence, so if you are registered with your local site, then you may be able to import airsoft guns legally.

Airsoft guns become "Imitation firearms" instead of "realistic imitation firearms", if the predominant color (51% or more) is a bright yellow, blue, red, purple and so on. An orange tip will not suffice, the majority of the gun would have to be painted.

Any buyer must also be at least 18 years of age.

If you are not registered or otherwise active, we would advise to get connected to other hobbyists via Arnie's Airsoft, or at your local site to get started. At Arnie's forums they also have the VCRA explained thoroughly.

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