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Welcome to JustPistols, the biggest independent collection of airsoft pistol reviews on the web.

A huge thanks to Arnie's Airsoft for hosting the site.

It's highly unlikely that any new reviews will be added, but I know some people find the reviews useful still and, if nothing else, it'll be interesting for newcomers to see what we were shooting 10 years ago!

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Airsoft pistols are NON-LETHAL replicas, firing small (usually 6mm) plastic balls at low velocities (typically around a quarter the velocity of 'real' airguns, which fire metal pellets or ball bearings).

They are usually used, along with AEGs (which use electric motors to fire BBs), in skirmishes (much like paintballing) or for target shooting, whether competitive or purely for fun. Many people just collect them, because they are safe, but accurate, replicas of real guns and because they are fun to shoot and tinker with.

On this site, I'll attempt to explain some of the different types of airsoft pistols and, perhaps, try and distance the serious sport of airsoft from the media frenzy about 'BB guns'. I'm not going to go into the rights and wrongs of BB guns in the hands of stupid teenagers on the street (Think I've made my position clear), but various Airsoft Forums discuss this, and many other Airsoft topics, on a regular basis.

The vast majority of these reviews were writtten by myself, but thanks to Wege, hkssr20det and others who have contributed reviews or additional information to my reviews.

Thanks also to Elite Airsoft, Airsoft Direct, Airsoft International Magazine and many others for loans of airsoft guns for review.

If I have left you out, no slight is intended and your help is greatly appreciated



Airsoft International Magazine

Thanks to Elite Airsoft for loan of so many review guns

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If you find this site useful, consider a nominal donation to the cost of hosting it.

Thanks to all who contribute.

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Rendered image of real steel Walther GSP
Something a little different - 3D rendered image of a real (not airsoft) Walther GSP Target pistol - Courtesy of Digital Gun Club